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You Can't Learn To Lead From a Book
02/12/2015 Doug Beckley

The world's greatest companies have shown us that an organization's performance is directly linked to the effectiveness of company leadership.  Thus, if you want to improve business results, increase the skill of your leaders.  In business, everything hinges on leadership - profitability, employee engagement, competitive advantage. It is not something you are born with or learn from reading a book. Leadership is a collection of skills that must be developed - mastering these skills requires training, practice and a commitment to developing the right behaviors. 

The Beckley Group is excited to announce a partnership with one of the nation's most respected leadership development organizations, ADEPT Performance Systems. I have worked with Paul DePalma and John Ward, creators of ADEPT, for over a decade, and together we are making this powerful process available to Las Vegas businesses.

The Beckley Group is launching ADEPT's Foundations of Leadership program, which has proven to help managers: 

  • Get more done in less time with fewer resources
  • Build the engagement and motivation of their people
  • Manage work loads more effectively with less stress
  • Achieve better business results

Beginning this process starts with a simple exploratory conversation. Call Doug Beckley today at 702-379-6524.

Click for details on the Foundations of Leadership program