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High Performing Leadership In A Changing World
03/26/2021 Doug Beckley

The foundations of leadership did not change in the pandemic. They became essential.

In a recent webinar for the International Executives Association, I discussed solutions to the workplace chaos created by the pandemic. Confusion, anxiety, isolation and fear have gripped many of our employees and teams. Reinventing operating norms in this new environment often seems as stressful as the original shut down. And people are tired of constant change.

Although the application of management behaviors can change with the situation, the core principles of management do not. Don't let the authors and talking heads sell you on a new kit of leadership practices. It is simply re-packaging of principles that have been known for decades. Leadership fundamentals remain the same - and their practice is now more important than ever.

In the webinar below, I outline four of the most vital practices of highly effective leaders:

  1. Provide Clear and Compelling Expectations
  2. Empower People For Success
  3. Talk Frequently & Effectively About Performance
  4. Establish Structure and Accountability

Engage your people and teams. Achieve organizational goals. And transcend the chaos.