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08/15/2021 Doug Beckley
Are you struggling to find good people? Does it appear that all organizations have this problem? The US currently has a paradoxical labor environment. Unemployment is at record levels, while unfilled job openings are at their highest level in decades! Many managers lament the bizarre state of the labor market. While others get to work - by focusing on what they can control. Read on for simple but serious strategies to bring top talent aboard your organization.

07/01/2021 Doug Beckley
The last year has been strange, maddening and often scary. However, when viewed through the right lens, the pandemic has provided some tangible lessons that can make us more focused at work and more fulfilled at home.

03/26/2021 Doug Beckley
The foundations of leadership did not change in the pandemic. They became essential.

Success is on the other side of this pandemic if we manage time, people and resources with intention, thoughtfulness and impact.

If you have a key manager or employee who has continued to underperform, and you have done your best to set them up for success, it is time to consider whether you have the wrong person on the bus.

03/11/2019 Doug Beckley
A good outside business consultant or professional coach can, suite simply, change your business. They will see things you don’t. They will make you do things you don’t like. And they will bring about results you didn’t think possible.

03/26/2018 Doug Beckley
If you want to lose your focus, get confused and remain distracted – read and follow every hot new business book on the bestseller list. It’s not because these books aren’t great - some of them are. It’s because we have incomplete context and inadequate follow through when trying to integrate these best practices into our organizations.

02/26/2018 Doug Beckley
Most of us understand that our organizations have two kinds of systems. The business systems and the human systems. As a management consultant, I'm rarely called to help a company improve their business system. Where organizations usually struggle is with human dynamics.

01/31/2018 Doug Beckley
Business leaders today wear many hats. Sometimes too many. One of the biggest issues facing CEOs or entrepreneurs is what we call the dilemma of reactivity: allowing the urgent to destroy the important.

11/20/2017 Doug Beckley
Many of us know what we should be doing when we encounter a problem or mistake. What this owner did was not overly complicated, but often in the day-to-day chaos of business, we lose sight of these three fundamentals.