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conferenceCatapult CEO Peer Advisory Groups are a proven method to accelerate to the next level of success and profitability. Designed for business owners, managing partners and high-level executives, Catapult Groups combines the power of 12 entrepreneur advisors, nationally recognized speakers and a professional executive coach; all working to help you achieve your most critical business results.

The Catapult process ensures that leaders take the time to "work on the business rather than just in the business." Groups are by invitation only. If you want to learn more about membership requirements, please contact Doug Beckley at 379-6524.

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  • Monthly “mastermind” meetings: members present & discuss their organization’s toughest issues or greatest opportunities to gain counsel and feedback from the group
  • Nationally recognized, expert speakers conduct workshops with the group on business topics vital to their success
  • All meetings are professionally facilitated so that ideas, advice and shared best practices are converted to member implementation plans
  • Monthly one-on-one coaching sessions with each member to assess their business, set objectives and execute on strategies